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update backtrack 3 software

save as this source script:

# Avoid using root’s TMPDIR
unset TMPDIR

Nessusplugins() {

read -p “Update Nessus Daemon? <y/n> ”
if [ “$REPLY” = “y” ];then
echo ———————————————
echo Nessus Plugins
KIND=”Nessus Server”
echo -n $”Shutting down $KIND: ”
test -f /opt/nessus/var/nessus/ && kill `cat /opt/nessus/var/nessus/`
sleep 4
if [ “$RETVAL” == “0” ]; then
rm -f /var/lock/subsys/nessusd
echo services stopped successfully
echo services were not running…
echo Continue reading


Protect Against Malicious URL Requests With Email Alert by k3nz0

first we will make new file and write this:
Plugin Name: Block Bad Queries
Plugin URI:
Description: Protect Against Malicious URL Requests with email alert
Author: k3nz0 snd (YM: k3nz0_snd)
Version: 2.0
Usage : include in database connection


Hello  my name is k3nz0

k3nz0 is inspired by animated movie samurai X characterization the kenzi himura is a fictional character from the Rurouni Kenshin universe created by Nobuhiro Watsuki. He is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series, as well as the related media in the franchise. When creating Kenshin, Watsuki designed him to be the physical opposite of Hiko Seijuro, a character that appears in Watsuki’s first one-shot manga, “Crescent Moon in the Warring States”; a character with the same name appears in Rurouni Kenshin as Kenshin’s swordsmanship teacher.

Kenshin’s story is set in a fictional version of Japan during the Meiji period. Kenshin is a former legendary assassin known as “Hitokiri Battosai”  At the end of the Bakumatsu, he becomes a wandering samurai, now wielding a sakabato  “reverse-blade sword”, a katana that has the cutting edge on the inwardly curved side of the sword, thus being nearly incapable of killing. Kenshin wanders the countryside of Japan offering protection and aid to those in need, as atonement for the murders he once committed as an assassin. In Tokyo,Throughout the series, Kenshin begins to establish lifelong relationships with many people, including ex-enemies, while dealing with his fair share of enemies, new and old. Through these encounters and relationships, Kenshin begins to find true atonement for his past enabling him to fully conquer his “Battosai” nature.

And Snd inspired from my Online Comunity as known as Seek n’ Destroyer.